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JoomLeague is a full-featured league management component with integrated prediction game for Joomla! 1.5 native.

**As we speak, JoomLeague 1.6.0 is the latest official version and therefore recommended to use in a production website.

This wiki is far from complete, you are free to help us, so if you want to contribute do not hesitate!

JoomLeague General Information

An introduction into Joomleague

JoomLeague FAQ

Answers to the mostly asked questions and recurring errors.

Joomleague 2.0.0 Development Information

Developers can put links to articles, which are useful for development of JL 2.0.0 here, to help each other get up to speed with porting of the 1.5 code.

Joomleague Development Information

Developers are encouraged to use this part to describe the mechanisms used in their code. It will enable other developers to quickly step in on a part of the code they never saw before.

JoomLeague Wiki Help

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