Dampfen muss nicht ekelhaft sein. Und dazu mehr hier ( e Zigarette ) ! Elektrische Zigaretten sollen sehr gesund sein. Genau deswegen kann man es mal versuchen.

Give me more...


Some extra brackets I find at tournamentdesign.org
Number of needed sub-brackets for this tournament depends not only of depth…
Lets see: (the most complicated)
2e20p → Double elimination 20 teams → Depth [10] → 4 sub-brackets
3e20p → Tripple elimination 20 teams → Depth [16] → 6 sub-brackets
4e10p → Quarduple elimination 10 teams → Depth [20] → 5 sub-brackets
Questions? Ask on forum please.

Deleting/Adding node

Small problem occur in double/tripple/quarduple tournamuent with IF NEDDED GAME.
Lets look at 4 teams double elimination:
true/pseudo elimination
pseudo-double-elimination | depth [3]
true-double-elimination | depth [4]
A key difference is the extra game at the final.
Of course joomleague could generate this two brackets, but when admin start the tournament he had no idea: choose true or pseudo double-elimination?
The same problem occur in tripple and quarduple tournament, some games are NO NEEDED (depends on matches results) and tree depth could changed of 5.
Solution is DELETING/ADDING NODE FUNCTION, which totally rebuild tree depth and index.
I call this REDEPTH.
Status: ready in TREERANK extension [status of TREERANK ext: not ready yet]

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