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Project examples

Regular league + Playoff with lower league

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UEFA Champions League

include: Qualifying (First, Second, Third), Play-offs, Group Stage, Knockout Phase
Thanks diddipoeler for data project.

Divide into TWO projects:
1. Qualifying + Play-offs (as TOURNAMENT)
2. Group Stage + Knockout Phase (as DIVISION_LEAGUE)
Why? Could I divide diffrenttly? → YES, but in my opinion this is best way.
Let's talk about Project 1 (Qualifying + Play-offs)

I didn't find bracket for Qualifying and Play-offs (even on official UEFA site), so let's see how it look like:
At the end of qualifycation got TEN (10) teams
All teams could be grouped in FIVE (5) columns
Let's try fill column to the right (starting from 10 teams)
10→5→2.5 (???) this mean we have to add fields at the beggining, so:
12→6→3→1.5 (???) again:
16→8→4→2→1 OK, good. 4 new columns. [8-4-2-1]
So, 5 columns + 4 columns = 9 columns
9 columns mean 8 depth bracket → see Mathematic Introduction
In jl You could create only 6 depth bracket, so You have to divide into sub-brackets.
Question HOW?
2 ways: and
Of course U could always divisde into more sub-brackets, but in my opinion: less sub-brackets → better way
Here are 6 sub-brackets: first one for Play-offs, and 5 other.
Question? Ask on forum please.

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