Upgrade from SIMPLE_KO


Short calculation: upgrade from 64 teams SIMPLE_KO need 379 no thinking cliks + 64 thinking cliks
Here example of SIMPLE_KO project: 8 teams
1. Change project type to TOURNAMENT_MODE
2. Go to TREE
3. Add NEW treeto (from top menu)
4. Clik on selected icon
5. Here choose from dropdown list: 8 teams and then GENERATE
6. Now You'll see bracket, clik TEST/SAVE
7. Next clik SAVE LEAF
8. Then You could assign teams to leafs, choosed from dropdown list and select checkboxes
9. After SAVE/APPLY You'll see sth like this. Just clik on green icon and assign match to node.
10. You should see only one match on the left, just move it to right and SAVE
11. Then short list of matches assigned to node, clik BACK and do it for all possible nodes.
12. What mean all this icon and numbers? First icon link to TITLE and CONTENT of overlib window, and to setting BEST OF for this node. B1:1M mean Bestof=1 and 1 MATCH assigned to this node
MAGNIFIER link to list of assigned match(es), and GREEN ARROWS give U assigning method.
13. ASSIGN and SAVE/APPLY till final
14. Wait for fixing: overlib, team name lenght, tree header, flags…
15. Result After upgrade and Before

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