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 [[doc:​tournament|Back]] [[doc:​tournament|Back]]
 =====HOWTO===== =====HOWTO=====
 +**Short calculation:​ upgrade from 64 teams SIMPLE_KO need 379 no thinking cliks + 64 thinking cliks**\\
 Here example of SIMPLE_KO project: [[http://​comraden.pl/​index.php/​upgrade-from-simpleko|8 teams]]\\ Here example of SIMPLE_KO project: [[http://​comraden.pl/​index.php/​upgrade-from-simpleko|8 teams]]\\
 1. Change project type to TOURNAMENT_MODE{{:​doc:​dump117.png|}}\\ 1. Change project type to TOURNAMENT_MODE{{:​doc:​dump117.png|}}\\
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 6. Now You'll see bracket, clik TEST/​SAVE{{:​doc:​dump121.png|}}\\ 6. Now You'll see bracket, clik TEST/​SAVE{{:​doc:​dump121.png|}}\\
 7. Next clik SAVE LEAF{{:​doc:​dump122.png|}}\\ 7. Next clik SAVE LEAF{{:​doc:​dump122.png|}}\\
-8. Then You could assign teams to leaf, choosed from dropdown list and select checkboxes{{:​doc:​dump124.png|}}\\ +8. Then You could assign teams to leafs, choosed from dropdown list and select checkboxes{{:​doc:​dump124.png|}}\\ 
 +9. After SAVE/APPLY You'll see sth like this. Just clik on green icon and assign match to node. {{:​doc:​dump125.png|}}\\ 
 +10. You should see only one match on the left, just move it to right and SAVE{{:​doc:​dump126.png|}}\\ 
 +11. Then short list of matches assigned to node, clik BACK and do it for all possible nodes.{{:​doc:​dump127.png|}}\\ 
 +12. What mean all this icon and numbers? First icon link to TITLE and CONTENT of overlib window, and to setting BEST OF for this node. 
 +**B1:1M** mean **Bestof=1** and **1 MATCH** assigned to this node{{:​doc:​dump129.png|}}\\ 
 +MAGNIFIER link to list of assigned match(es), and GREEN ARROWS give U assigning method.\\ 
 +13. **ASSIGN** and **SAVE/​APPLY** till final\\ 
 +14. Wait for fixing: overlib, team name lenght, tree header, flags...\\ 
 +15. Result [[http://​comraden.pl/​index.php/​after-upgrade-from-ko|After upgrade]] and [[http://​comraden.pl/​index.php/​upgrade-from-simpleko|Before]]\\

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