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 ===== Integrated Plugins for JoomLeague 2.0 ===== ===== Integrated Plugins for JoomLeague 2.0 =====
-Google Maps:+**Google Maps**:
 http://​tech.reumer.net/​Google-Maps/​Documentation-of-plugin-Googlemap/​ http://​tech.reumer.net/​Google-Maps/​Documentation-of-plugin-Googlemap/​
-HighslideJS: ​+**HighslideJS**
 http://​www.joomlanook.com/​index.php?​option=com_content&​view=category&​id=34:​highslide-js-for-joomla&​Itemid=59&​layout=default http://​www.joomlanook.com/​index.php?​option=com_content&​view=category&​id=34:​highslide-js-for-joomla&​Itemid=59&​layout=default
-JComments:+//Small hint from user "​Heart"​ regarding the configuration of the highslide plugin: "The only thing which I disklike with highslide is the fact that when I click a thumbnail and it gets bigger I only can shrink it back when I click exactly in the image area. In order to be able to shrink the image back when clicking outside the image area and/or shrink it back when you hover out from the image change/add these settings in Highslide JS Configuration Manager."//​ 
 http://​www.joomlatune.com/​jcomments.html http://​www.joomlatune.com/​jcomments.html

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