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Joomleague Project type are:

  • Simple_League (no bracket)
  • Divisions_League (bracket(s) possible in each divisions)
  • Simple_KO (1 tree bracket in project - and nothing more)[probably will be removed soon - DON'T USE IT]
  • Tournament_Mode (dedicated for brackets)

Available tournament mode


  • You create bracket schema.
  • Insert teams into leaf-nodes.
  • Then create matches. (Or You've got matches, then only assign them to nodes)
  • Insert matches results.(Or click SAVE button)
  • Winner team moved to next node, so You could create new match between winner teams.
  • Till the final stage…


You want only bracket look, don't care about matches.
Simply insert teams into all bracket's nodes.


At the beginining of tournament JL mass add all matches depends on bracket schema and best of.

And best thing:
You could have as many tree brackets inside every tournament project as You want.


Here U find good webside about printable brackets:
Joombracketing answers the questions:
How could I transfer my personal bracket from paper to joomleague?
Why this is so complicated? Could not to be simpler?

Upgrade from 0.93b

The tree bracket was NOT implemented in < 0.93 version, so upgrade is easy.
I assume you had matchdays and matches in (0.93)project.
After upgrade they are still in (1.5)project.
Now you should only:

  1. Set this project as “Tournament_Mode”;
  2. Choose proper tree bracket (and “best of” if necessary)
  3. GENERATE tournament;
  4. Assign teams to treenode;
  5. Assign matches to treenode

Never use “KNOWN” option, cause this type of project will generate new matchdays and matches.
Questions? Ask on forum please.

Upgrade from SIMPLE_KO (daniela)

SIMPLE_KO will be removed, so all that projects need manual upgrade.
Upgrade from SIMPLE_KO

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