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   * Simple_League ​ (no bracket)   * Simple_League ​ (no bracket)
   * Divisions_League ​ (bracket(s) possible in each divisions)   * Divisions_League ​ (bracket(s) possible in each divisions)
-  * <​del>​Simple_KO ​ (1 tree bracket in project - and nothing more)[probably will be removed soon - DON'T USE IT]</​del>​ 
   * Tournament_Mode ​ (dedicated for brackets)   * Tournament_Mode ​ (dedicated for brackets)
-=====Available tournament mode===== + 
-====DEFAULT==== +
-  * You create bracket schema. +
-  * Insert teams into leaf-nodes. +
-  * Then create matches. (Or You've got matches, then only assign them to nodes) +
-  * Insert matches results.(Or click SAVE button) +
-  * Winner team moved to next node, so You could create new match between winner teams.\\ +
-  * Till the final stage...\\+
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 Why this is so complicated?​ Could not to be simpler?// Why this is so complicated?​ Could not to be simpler?//
-  * [[doc:​math|Mathematic introduction]](new) +  * [[doc:​math|Mathematic introduction]] 
-  * [[doc:​mathmore|Overflow]](new)    +  * [[doc:​mathmore|Overflow]] ​   
-  * [[doc:​givememore|Give me more...]](new)+  * [[doc:​givememore|Give me more...]]
   * [[doc:​naming convention|Bracket naming convention]]   * [[doc:​naming convention|Bracket naming convention]]
-  * [[doc:list of possible|List of developed tree brackets ]](updated) +  * [[doc:list of possible|List of developed tree brackets ]] 
-  * [[doc:howto organize|Howto organize tournament]](updated for Tournament_Mode) +  * [[doc:howto organize|Howto organize tournament]] 
-  * [[doc:howto draw|Howto transfer tree bracket from paper to JL]](new) +  * [[doc:howto draw|Howto transfer tree bracket from paper to JL]] 
-  * [[doc:howto create|Howto create own tree bracket]](out-of-date) +  * [[doc:howto create|Howto create own tree bracket]] 
-  * [[doc:howto project example|Project examples]](new)+  * [[doc:howto project example|Project examples]]
 =====Upgrade from 0.93b===== =====Upgrade from 0.93b=====
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   -   ​Assign teams to treenode;   -   ​Assign teams to treenode;
   -   ​Assign matches to treenode   -   ​Assign matches to treenode
-Never use "​KNOWN"​ option, cause this type of project will generate new matchdays and matches.\\ 
 **Questions?​ Ask on forum please.** **Questions?​ Ask on forum please.**
 =====Upgrade from SIMPLE_KO (daniela)===== =====Upgrade from SIMPLE_KO (daniela)=====
-SIMPLE_KO ​will be removed, so all that projects need manual upgrade.\\+SIMPLE_KO ​was removed, so all that projects need manual upgrade.\\
 [[doc:howto upgrade from ko|Upgrade from SIMPLE_KO]] [[doc:howto upgrade from ko|Upgrade from SIMPLE_KO]]

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