The link element allows you to easily add links to any of the supported extendable areas which are currently listed as:

  • club
  • match
  • person
  • playground
  • project
  • projectreferee
  • projectteam
  • team
  • teamplayer
  • teamstaff

This element comes in very handy when you wish to expand for example a players profile to include there social accounts such as twitter, facebook or flickr.


<param  name="JL_EXT_PERSON_TWITTER" type="link" 

Backend view

This will give you the following option in the backend1) which allows you to insert your link easily and quickly and move onto the next one. Your link will be rendered on the frontend as any normal link would - you should not use this if you require text based entries see text element for that

You can accomplish this by following the information noted on this page but in short head over to:


Pick the XML file which corresponds to the area you want to add the link too and then move on from there of course if you encounter problems head to the forums

Frontend view

As you can see from this next screenshot the link is output in the frontend as any regular old link and leaves you with little more to do than continue on with your next item. Please remember that you will need to add language entries for your entries as you add them.

1) depending on where you added the xml information too

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