What are extensions?

Extensions are aimed to be the next level of how to customize Joomleague.
The goal is that no one have to edit JoomLeague original files (core files) if he wants to integrate JoomLeague output into his own Page Design. JoomLeague brings us a standard design (a bit ugly at the moment ;)) and the great possibility to customize it with css and template changes, so that it can fit into a custom webpage design.

The old way

The old way was to edit the Joomleague, let me call it “core” files. Everone changed the css files, the template files and so on.

The new way

Now you just change some files and put that in the extension folder, its possible to overwrite or (append)extend existing css / views / models / languague files etc…

Frontend Backend
extension global /extensions/<extensionname>/<extensionname>.php /extensions/<extensionname>/admin/<extensionname>.php
css /extensions/<extensionname>/assets/css/<filename>.css /extensions/<extensionname>/admin/assets/css/<filename>.css
js /extensions/<extensionname>/assets/js/<filename>.js /extensions/<extensionname>/admin/assets/js/<filename>.js
language /extensions/<extensionname>/language/en-GB/en-GB.com_joomleague_<extensionname>.ini /extensions/<extensionname>/admin/language
models /extensions/<extensionname>/models/<viewname>.php /extensions/<extensionname>/admin/models/<viewname>.php
views /extensions/<extensionname>/views/<viewname>/<filename>.php
frontend settings /extensions/<extensionname>/settings/default/<viewname>.xml
statistics /extensions/<extensionname>/admin/statistics/<newstat>.php
backend menu items /extensions/<extensionname>/admin/views/adminmenu/tmpl/default_<extensionname>.php
Or copy it from
Updates /extensions/<extensionname>/admin/install/<updatefile>.php

extension_structure.jpg sue_menu.jpg


Just copy the extension to the extension folder.

Exclude or Include

Go to the project settings, here you can exclude the extension.

All extensions are included by default.
So when its not selected, its included ;-) 

In order to deselect the excluded extensions in a project press strg an click the extension you want to deselect.


In order to use the extension for teamplan “default_plan.php”: the folder on website should be “/extensions/<extensionname>/views/<viewname>/tmpl/<filename>.php” which looks like “/components/com_joomleague/extensions/<extensionname>/views/teamplan/tmpl/default_plan.php” wherby <extensionname> can be choosen as needed.

For example if you want to customize the php for project 1 it would make sense to name <extensionname> project_1. Afterwards exclude it in all projects where it is not needed.

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