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Howto start?

Here's a little quick start…

  • Create a Season (e.g. 2010-2011)
  • Create a League (e.g. Bundesliga)
  • Create a Project (e.g. Bundesliga 2010-2011)
  • Create clubs
  • Create teams
  • Create persons

After this you can:

  • Assign teams to the project
  • Assign players/staff to the team
  • Assign positions to the project
  • Create Rounds
  • Create matches
  • etc…

Howto assign teams to your project?

  • Select your project
  • Select Teams
  • Here you can assign teams to your project

Howto assign players to your team?

  • Select your project
  • Select Teams
  • Then next to your team, you see 2 images 1 for assigning players and 1 for assigning staff (Manage team personnel)

Howto set a default start time for the matches?

  • Select your project
  • Select Project Settings
  • Change Matches start time

Howto reset Frontend Settings (FES) ?

  • Goto the backend of Joomleague
  • Select a project
  • Select Frontend Settings
  • Select the view (template file) you want to reset
  • Click the Reset icon

Howto inherit template/Frontend settings?

When you have 2 Projects, A and B

Project A is master template
Project B wants to use the template settings from Project A

  • Delete all independent templates (Frontend settings) in Project B
  • Then select in project settings of project B, Master Template: Project A

Howto create and import a CSV file?

  • Create a new spreadsheet in Excel
  • Each column in the spreadsheet will be given a name that matches the information you want to import. These names must be in the first row of the spreadsheet e.g to import persons , in the first row you would write lastname, firstname, birthday, country, one item in each column
  • In the next row, you enter the data that corresponds to the names above, so in the persons example, write Smith, John, 01/11/1975, AUS, one item in each column
  • Continue adding rows for all items, in this example the third row would be Jones,Louise,01/03/1980,GER and so on
  • Save the spreadsheet in CSV format, for example persons.csv
  • Import the CSV file in the appropriate area of the backend of Joomleague

What names can you use for the columns in the spreadsheet?

  • This is different depending on what information you are importing. You can check the available names and type of information you can import when you click on CSV-import in the backend,
  1. For example, the following fields are available for importing persons :
  2. id, user_id, firstname, lastname, nickname, alias, country, knvbnr, birthday, height, weight, picture, show_pic, show_persdata, show_teamdata, show_on_frontend, info, notes, phone, mobile, email, website, address, zipcode, location, state, address_country, extended, position_id, published, ordering, checked_out, checked_out_time, deathday, modified, modified_by
  • The format of the data that you enter must also be one that the database will recognise, for example, birthday must be in the format dd/mm/yyyy, and not mm/dd/yyyy or yyyy-mm-dd or any other version.

How do you know the correct format for the data?

  • The easiest way is to create a test item in the backend, and then using phpMyadmin, export the persons table to csv and check how the information has been stored in the database and follow that example.

An example CSV file is linked to below.

Example persons csv file

This is different then 0.93, but much easier.

  • Goto the backend
  • In Joomla goto Menus
  • Goto e.g. Main menu
  • Create a New menu item
  • Select Joomleague 1.5
  • Choose the link you want to create in the frontend

Howto use RSS feed

It is possible to see the results in your favorite RSS reader.
This is the correct link to use:


where p=projectid

Howto use Events

  • create positions
  • create events
  • assign events to postions
  • assign positions to your project
  • assign postions to your teamplayers
  • Then you can add events to the match (where you edit the results)

Howto manage a match with an alternative decision

  • Goto that specific match
  • Click on edit match details (the most left icon)
  • Click the Tab Altdecision
  • Subsequent decision to yes

Now you can add new scores for 1 or both team(s) and choose a Final Win/Loss Decision

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