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Whats new ?

Here is a list of whats new in Joomleague 1.5 (from 0.93b).

  • Totally rewritten for joomla 1.5x Native (MVC)
  • Teamstats view, all kind of stats of a team
  • Clubplan view, shows all matches of a club in an period of time (project or non project related)
  • Teams view, list all teams in a project
  • Clubs view, list all clubs in a project
  • Referees view, list referees in a project with stats
  • History of a team in teaminfo
  • Statistics system, now you can have as many custom and more complex statistics as you want
  • Stats ranking view
  • Played matches of a player / staffmember / referee
  • A new matchpreview view
  • History of matches between 2 teams in matchpreview
  • Win chances(%) in matchpreview
  • New flash (animated)graphics (OpenFlash Charts 2.x)
  • More extensive and flexable extension framework, predictions is an extension now!
  • Match cancelled
  • Matchrelation, if a match is cancelled just relate it to the new (or old match)
  • Multiple referees
  • Ghostplayer
  • Rss feeds for results and clubplan
  • Image selector, its easier to select an image now for example a player or a clublogo
  • A new phpthumb, an image manipulation library for PHP, almost all images/logos can be resized to your needs
  • Extended data, it's now possible to create as many extra fields for persons, clubs, teams, matches, teamplayers……as you want
  • Configurable Sports-Types per Project
  • Simple Ajax assign or quick add teams/referees to a project, persons/staff to a team
  • Standard Joomla Menu Item creation for the Frontend links with individual options
  • CSV/XML-Import of all kind of data
  • Different Tournament systems
  • Tree view, is a bracket view for the tournament system
  • W/D/L links to teamplan in ranking view, you now can have links to matches you won/draw/loose which are shown in teamplan


Beside the normal modules like; mod_joomleague_birthday, mod_joomleague_events_statistic, mod_joomleague_ranking, mod_joomleague_results, there are new modules like:

  • mod_joomleague_adminpanel_icon, this module shows an icon in the backend for administrating joomleague
  • mod_joomleague_calendar, this module shows all matches in a calendar
  • mod_joomleague_logo, this module shows club logos of an project
  • mod_joomleague_nextmatch_ext, this module is like the old nextmatch and lastmatch module with many, many options
  • mod_joomleague_playgroundplan, this module shows upcoming matches from selected projects and playgrounds.
  • mod_joomleague_randomplayer, this module shows random players
  • mod_joomleague_statranking, this module shows stats rankings
  • mod_joomleague_teamstats_ranking, this module shows team stats rankings
  • mod_joomleague_ticker, this module shows results in a ticker format (vertical/horizontal scroll)
  • mod_joomleague_team_players, this module shows teamplayers

Check this page for more info about the modules


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