Ranking Criteria 1.6

Enter the ordered list of comma separated criteria to calculate the rankings. Possible values are:

Ranking Criteria Description
JL_POINTS points
JL_DIFF score difference
JL_FOR score for
JL_AGAINST score against
JL_SCOREPCT score percentage
JL_SCOREAVG scoring average
JL_WINS wins
JL_PLAYED matches played, more games played, higher in rank
JL_PLAYEDASC matches played, less games played, higher in rank
JL_BONUS bonus points
JL_WINPCT winning percentage
JL_GB gameback
JL_H2H head to head
JL_H2H_DIFF head to head score difference
JL_H2H_FOR head to head score for
JL_H2H_AWAY head to head away score
JL_LEGS_DIFF legs difference
JL_LEGS_WIN legs wins
JL_LEGS_RATIO legs ratio
JL_POINTS_RATIO points ratio
JL_WOT Wins OverTime
JL_WSO Wins ShootOut
Default: JL_POINTS, JL_PLAYEDASC, JL_DIFF, JL_FOR is used for most soccer competitions

Ranking Columns

Use the followings codes, separated with comma:

Ranking ColumnDescriptionFormula
JL_WOTWin OverTime
JL_WSOWin ShootOut
JL_LOTLoose OverTime
JL_LSOLoose ShootOut
JL_SCOREPCTScore Percentage (Score for / score against) * 100
JL_RESULTSScore Difference Score for - Score against
JL_DIFFDifference Score for : Score against
JL_BONUSBonus or Penalty Points
JL_STARTStart Points
JL_LEGS_DIFFLegs Difference
JL_GBGame Back
JL_WINPCTWin percentage win / (win+loose+draw)*100
JL_QUOTQuot points / played matches
JL_NEGPOINTSLoosing Points negpoints
JL_OLDNEGPOINTSLoosing Points points : negpoints
JL_POINTS_RATIOPoints Ratio points / loosing points
JL_LASTGAMESLast x games
JL_GFAGoals For Average per match Goal for / played matches
JL_GAAGoals Against Average per match Goal against / played matches
JL_PPGPoints per Game points / played matches
JL_PPPPoints in relation to maximum points points / (played matches*win points)*100

Columns Names

Here you can create your custom column names for your ranking view

Additional comments/screenshot

When you add JL_LASTGAMES in your ranking columns you'll see win/draw/loss indications of the last x matches

Ranking Criteria 2.0

Same as 1.6 but without the JL_ Präfix

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