How can i translate JoomLeague?

Our translations are powered by If you want to join a translation language team register on transifex and click the “join the team” link. After the acceptance is it possible to translate either using the transifex webinterface or the translation commandline line.

using the transifex client is easy:

tx init <init a tx repository> tx pull <get all available translations> tx push -s <push all source language en_GB files to transifex, permission: tx joomleague project owners>

How is the translation synced to JoomLeague?

This is a manual sync process which gets done by a developer of the core team (Most of the time by And_One) 1 times a week. It is not very complicated by using the transifex commandline client:

tx init <init a tx repository within the git repository, one times> tx pull <get all available translations, regularly> git commit -a -m “updated translations (thx to all translators @” git push

Find a complete tx documentation here:

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